The future of the aesthetics industry


Laser treatments have made significant improvements to the aesthetics industry, says Dr Sebastian Bejma. And the latest cutting edge technologies are significantly reducing downtime, making them increasingly popular and highly effective for patients.
   “Cosmetic treatment isn’t about reversing the ageing process; it’s about releasing the real beauty that’s already in you,” says Dr Magdalena Bejma, a highly qualified Advanced Medical Aesthetic Practitioner and GP. Dr Bejma founded her medical clinic in Headingley, Leeds with the aim of enhancing the lives of her clients, bringing together some of the Yorkshire region’s premier aesthetic practitioners who provide a carefully selected range of non-surgical cosmetic treatments.
   The clinic offers a range of treatments, from dermal fillers to fat dissolving injections, and has recently expanded its portfolio further with the addition of a brand new laser treatment.
   Called the ‘CoolPeel treatment’, it is a CO2 laser procedure and offers the skin rejuvenation results of traditional laser resurfacing with significantly less discomfort and downtime but with maximum results.The laser carefully removes the outer layer of skin and gently heats the inner layer, effectively stimulating the growth of collagen, which in turn improves skin firmness and texture.

   The new treatment will be led by Dr Sebastian Bejma, Advanced Aesthetic Doctor and Medical Director, who strongly believes that laser machines have had and will continue to make a huge impact in the aesthetics industry.
   “If you look at the market today, more patients are wanting skin rejuvenation – but without the downtime,” he said. “In order to do this, you need a technology that can deliver energy in a very rapid way, that confines the heat to a small thermal zone and causes controlled injury to the skin but with a fast recovery time – that’s exactly what the CoolPeel treatment does.”
   Additional benefits of this cutting edge technology is its ability to treat a number of skin concerns, including photo damage, scarring, pigmentation and deep wrinkles, making this procedure suitable for all skin types.
   Other laser treatments available at Dr Bejma Medical Clinic include Morpheus 8, the most powerful anti-aging treatment on the market and loved by some of our well-know celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Judy Murray.

   Morpheus 8 was designed to re-surface and contour the skin through a combination of micro needling and radio frequency laser.This minimally invasive procedure stimulates collagen deep into the skin’s dermal layer, effectively firming and tightening the skin.
   The treatment takes about an hour to complete and requires a course of three.
   There is little to no down time so you can return to your daily activities immediately after.
“The biggest advantage of these new technologies is that not only are treatment times minimal, recovery time is just as short meaning patients can fit these into their lives with the minimum of fuss,” added Dr Sebastian. “And the results speak for themselves.”