Chin and jawline contouring

Jawline sculpting with dermal fillers is a popular non-surgical option for men and women wanting to enhance the contour of their jawline or hide early signs of jowls. The most common reasons our patients enquire about jawline treatments are:

  • To strengthen and contour a non-defined “weak” jaw
  • Contouring of dreaded jowls
  • Adding volume to jawlines that have lost structural support due to ageing
  • Increasing jawline volume anywhere from the chin to the ear
  • Correcting jawline asymmetry
  • Treatments take approximately 30 minutes.
  • Prices start from £250
  • Results are seen immediately and last up to 24 months depending on filler consistency and individual patient characteristics.
  1. Contouring the jawline and chin with dermal fillers
  2. Removing under chin fat with coolsculpting or fat dissolving injections
  3. Chin augmentation with dermal fillers or collagen stimulating injections
  4. Facial slimming injections
  5. Jawline sharpening with Botox ®️ neck lift
  6. Jawline thread lifting to sharpen and reduce jowls

    The perfect  can often be achieved with one of the above options. We would advise to have a consultation with Dr Bejma before deciding on your treatment. 

We individualise all of our treatments to fit a patient’s desired outcome. Most patients will start with 2ml each side, then review at their complimentary post-treatment follow-up appointment. If required, more volume can be added.

Why patients love us

Zoe P

"Dr Bejma is the only doctor who has perfectly done my tear troughs, she really listens to you and what you want and really makes you feel comfortable and at ease. I wouldn't go anywhere else. ❣️ Amazing doctor and person x"

Micheal P

"I have been a regular client of Dr Bejma for years. She’s professional, highly experienced, konwledgeable and polite. Dr Bejma has been using products and cosmetics of the highest quality and providing services beyond compare. This new practice that she’s in is a modern complex and I can’t wait till my next visit. Thank you Dr Bejma & team"

Emma W

"Recently went to Dr Bejma for the kenalog hay fever injection, I was really impressed by my visit. Dr Bejma answered all my questions and made me feel at ease, the procedure was painless and fast and so far I have had no symptoms of hay fever! Would definitely recommend and will be returning the same time next year for the injection."

Katarzyna P

"Today me and my mum had appoitment with Dr. Bejma. This Medical Clinic it's Super Professional, Safe and Welcoming. We were pleased and will only go back to this clinic in future. Thank you to the Doctor Bejma and staff for providing such a good service and a fantastic customer service experience as well."

Kelly C

"Dr Bejma and her team are fantastic. Highly recommend this clinic. Dr Bejma is super talented and will not do any treatments she thinks you wouldn’t benefit from. Really pleased with all treatments I have had at Dr Bejma clinic."

Azeen M

"I highly recommend Dr. Bejma and the team they are absolutely brilliant. I had 3 sessions of dermapen microneedling with Justine. She is absolutely amazing and friendly she made me feel very welcome and I wouldn't trust anyone else with my treatments, I will definitely be returning"