Unlock the Power of Exosomes for Transformative Skin Rejuvenation

Exosomes therapy is a non-surgical and minimally invasive treatment. It harnesses the regenerative properties of exosomes to enhance your skin's natural healing and rejuvenation process.


Exosomes are extracellular vesicles derived from stem cells that contain essential proteins, growth factors, and genetic materials responsible for cellular communication and tissue repair. By introducing exosomes to targeted areas, we can stimulate collagen production, improve skin texture, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and enhance overall skin tone and elasticity

Exosomes therapy offers several benefits for your skin, including:

  • Skin rejuvenation and brightening, restoring a youthful glow.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties, reducing inflammation, hyperpigmentation, and dark circles.
  • Accelerated healing process after other treatments such as C02 laser or Morpheus 8.
  • Immune-modulatory properties that help rebuild the skin barrier, relieve rosacea and eczema, and promote flawless, natural-looking skin.
  • Topical application: Your practitioner will apply a topical application of exosomes after your in clinic treatments such as Morpheus 8, C02 laser & PRP to speed up healing and enhance results.
  • We offer a range of Exosome-based cosmetics, including cleaning/soothing pads, SPF products, and creams
    These can be used as part of your daily skincare routine or after procedures like micro-needling, Morpheus 8, or laser treatments.

The treatment protocols for Exosomes therapy vary depending on the desired outcome:

For skin rejuvenation:

  • Initial protocol: We recommend five treatments with two-week intervals, allowing for quick sessions every week.
  • Combination treatments: Exosomes therapy can be combined with Morpheus 8 (using lower settings) or laser treatments (one session depending on patient preference, not more frequently than four weeks apart). The specific combination will be determined during your consultation.
  • Follow-up care: Skin treatments can be followed by applying an exosome-containing cream called Exobalm.
  • The cream should be applied twice daily and stored in a fridge for optimal results.

For hair growth:

  • Protocol: We suggest five to eight sessions with two-week intervals.
  • Combination treatments: Exosomes therapy can be combined with micro-needling to enhance hair growth.
  • Home care: Patients are advised to use Silanol shampoo at home to complement the treatment and promote healthy hair growth.