Your Non-Surgical Solution for buttocks enhancement.

Are you in search of a buttocks enhancement treatment that effectively addresses your concerns about 'hip dips' or provides you with a lifted, shapelier bottom? Look no further! Lanluma is an exceptional non-surgical solution for achieving your desired results.

LanLuma is an injectable dermal filler that utilizes poly-L-lactic acid(PLLA) as its main ingredient. Unlike fillers such as Hyaluronic Acid (HA), which primarily provide volume by filling areas with hyaluronic acid, PLLA works differently. It acts as a stimulant for your body’s natural collagen production.

When LanLuma is injected into the skin, it penetrates deeply and triggers a natural response in the body to produce more collagen. By stimulating collagen growth, LanLuma helps to increase volume, smooth out skin depressions, and improve overall skin texture.

The effects of LanLuma are longer-lasting compared to traditional fillers because it works at the foundational level of collagen production. As the newly produced collagen gradually replaces the filler material, it provides on going improvements to the skin’s appearance. The use of LanLuma can help you achieve a more youthful looking appearance by addressing signs of aging, such as wrinkles and sagging skin.

Unlike dermal filler which has become a popular option for a non-surgical bum lift – Lanluma doesn’t just fill areas of the buttocks like a gel but instead works deep within the skin to stimulate your own natural collagen production, meaning it gives a more natural look and feel than dermal filler.

Buttocks – Increase plumpness and reduce the look of a sagging bottom.

Thighs – Achieve smoother and fuller skin with a reduction in the appearance of cellulite.

Hips – Smooth cellulite and reduce the appearance of hip dips.

Arms – Reduces the appearance of sagging skin for a more toned and youthful appearance

The effects of LanLuma typically become noticeable around 6 weeks after thetreatment begins, and in some cases, they can last for over two years. To experience the full benefits of LanLuma, it is recommended to undergo an averageof three treatment sessions spread over a few months. As LanLuma works gradually, clients can expect to observe subtle yet noticeable improvements within a couple of months following the treatment.

Lanluma treatment is conducted using a local anaesthetic, ensuring a virtually painless experience for our patients. While under going the procedure, you may feel a slight sensation of pulling as our experienced medical professionals expertly inject Lanluma to create the desired volume in your chosen areas.

One of the remarkable benefits of Lanluma is its minimal downtime. Following the treatment, you can typically resume your normal activities on the same day.

After the treatment, you may notice some redness and swelling in the treated area. These temporary side effects are common and are typically mild in nature. They should subside within a short period as your body adjusts to the treatment.

Our team will provide you with comprehensive aftercare instructions to ensure acomfortable and smooth recovery process. Should you have any concerns or questions during your recovery, we are here to support you every step of the way.

Why patients love us

Lisa C

"This is aesthetics services at the highest level. I travel 2 hours to visit Dr Bejma and her team as they are all so talented. Every single member of the team is at the top of their game, and they are continually innovating to provide the most up to date procedures. I can’t recommend the team enough!"

Sarah B

"This is a great clinic. Friendly staff and a comprehensive range of treatments. I had a thread lift and then facial fillers. I’m really pleased with the results and would recommend both Dr Bejmas. I’ll definitely be returning."

Liza S

"Dr B and team are incredible. If anyone is looking for any type of injectables then this is the place to go. Honest… abit too honest at times, especially when she’s turning you away for treatments we think we need but don’t.. the clinic offers something for everyone, so not just injectables. These guys really do invest in training constantly to keep up to date with new treatments. They only use high medical grade products. Only natural results here.. amazing staff throughout the clinic…. I was always told, you buy cheap, you buy twice so be careful where you go. Thank you so much for making me look younger as everyone tells me.. can’t wait for my next appointment.."

Sarah S

"I pondered for 3 years about getting filler in my lips as I didn’t want a duck pout. Dr Bejma came highly recommended and I wouldn’t go to anyone else. So natural looking ! Absolute professional and expert in her field. The clinic has so many state of the art treatments, which have improved my skin so much. Highly recommended!"

Agneiszka P

"I had my anti wrinkle injection done at the clinic and would fully recommend Dr Bejma. She is very professional, knowledgeable and puts you at ease during the treatment. I will be coming back!"

Kasia U

Absolutely fantastic experience. Dr Bejma is professional, friendly and skilled at what she does. I am over the moon with results and can't recommend her enough 😍