Facials by Dr B Skin Lab

Medical Grade facials for all skin needs

Our bespoke facials has been carefully designed in-house by our experts, giving you access to the most advanced and effective skin treatments available today.

We understand how important these facial treatments are for you, so our Skin Facials Lab uses only the highest quality products in all our treatments.

Our facials exclusively use pHformula products to target Acne, Redness and Pigmentation & Melasma. The award-winning and world renowned brand produces pharmaceutical grade treatments, used in some of the top clinics in the world.

The pHformula facial treatments are self-neutralising complexes and some of the kindest skin resurfacing facial treatments available. They’re very different to conventional peels – pHformula’s results are effective, yet treatments aren’t aggressive or damaging in any way; skin peel, and irritation is minimal.

Bespoke programs of strength and depth of product are available from our skin specialists, with each one tailored to your needs.

The Melasma and Pigment Fighter treatment reduces the accumulation of epidermally located melanin (pigment) and accelerates epidermal cellular turnover, reducing hyperpigmentation. Results are a clearer and more even complexion.

The ACNE Facial treatment  recovers the skin from breakouts and restores complexion from acne scarring. Leaving skin clear of existing acne lesions, and reducing the occurrence of future breakouts.

The Anti-Ageing Facial treatment is ideal for those who wish to reverse the signs of dehydrated, lined and wrinkled skin.

The treatment restores the skin’s natural moisture and enhances skin smoothness and complexion. Our team recommends treating your neck at the same time as your face to get optimum results.

Rosacea and Redness Facial is a complete restoration treatment is for those suffering from chronic redness and rosacea prone skin. With antimicrobial activity, the treatment reduces redness whilst preventing relapses.

The Advanced Skin Brightening facial protocol is the perfect ‘red carpet treatment’. Maximum Vitamin C concentration levels are achieved in a highly absorbable product.

This advanced system addresses early signs of cutaneous damage.

FaceLIFT with TCA Touch is a revolutionary skin treatment that treats skin disorders with intense stimulation and cell renewal. It instantly creates a lifting effect for patients. Uniquely combined with Arbutin and to enhance skin lightening properties.

Our team recommends treating your neck at the same time as your face to get optimum results.

Why patients love us

Michael D

"I have been a regular client of Dr Bejma for years. She’s professional, highly experienced, konwledgeable and polite. Dr Bejma has been using products and cosmetics of the highest quality and providing services beyond compare. This new practice that she’s in is a modern complex and I can’t wait till my next visit. Thank you Dr Bejma."

Zoe P

"Dr Bejma is the only doctor who has perfectly done my tear troughs, she really listens to you and what you want and really makes you feel comfortable and at ease. I wouldn't go anywhere else. ❣️ Amazing doctor and person x"

Louise R

"As always, Dr Bejma Medical Clinic is a welcoming & professional clinical environment, now with a festive vibe! Magda is friendly and works with you to make sure you get the very best from your appointment. I would never go anywhere else as knowing you are in the care of a fully qualified medical practitioner and GP brings peace of mind and I wouldn't hesitate to promote this excellent service to family and friends, in fact my daughter has recently visited the clinic and had an equally brilliant experience. Well done team for creating an experience second to none and we hope to see you in the New Year."

Victoria H

"I can't rate Dr Bejma highly enough! This is the first time I've been to see her at her new clinic, but the third time I've been to her in total. She's absolutely lovely and always makes me feel completely comfortable and at ease. I trust her with my face completely, and I wouldn't travel to see anyone but her!"

Claire N

"Dr Bejma is an aesthetic angel. Her ethics, manner and artistic flair can’t be matched (not even close)...please, please, please choose your practitioner wisely and please choose Dr. Bejma. I wouldn’t trust my face with anyone else - I have truly found my perfect Dr and look forward to her looking after my face for many years to come."

Aneta G

"Outstanding professionalism and incredibly pleasant atmosphere. I highly recommend Dr Bejma Medical Clinic to anyone thinking of cosmetic treatments. Morpheus treatment is amazing for rebuilding skin! Skin is visibly younger and tighter. I cannot say enough how safe you feel in Dr Bejma’s hands."