Vivacy Monsieur Skincare


Product Description

Skin care isn’t only for women, men too need to take care of their skin. Preventing ageing and keeping up with hydration of the skin is the key.

Dr Bejma, leading aesthetic doctor has just launched Monsieur Skincare in her luxurious Leeds clinic. Monsieur Skincare is created by Vivacy Lab, French medical company with over 20 years experience in aesthetic field. This skincare took few years to develop, underwent strict testing and is only available at selected clinics. Most importantly Dr Bejma absolutely loves the range.
Monsieur Skincare is most advanced men’s skincare on the market and will address all male skin needs, from hydration to ageing prevention.

Visit our clinic or call 07522775233 to enquire.

Instant soothing gel after shaving care £60
Expert moisturising cream £80
Soothing anti-wrinkle serum £100
Global anti-aging care £120


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